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Celebrities That Wrote to Us in 2023 About the Meaning of Life

Every year celebrities and philosophers from around the world write to endev42 telling us their thoughts on the meaning of life. Often, the answer are short and to the pointoften they are positive, sometimesdepressingly negative. The best are deep in thought, pages long. All responses are posted regardless of the content. For a complete list of celebrities that have written to endev42 over the years, check out our celebrities page. Below are the celebrities that wrote to endev42 in 2023 about the meaning of life:

Thomas Fox Averill - American novelist, known for Secrets of the Tsil Café, The Slow Air of Ewan Macpherson, etc.

Tom House - former MLB player for the playing for the Braves, Red Sox, and Mariners

Larry Steele - former NBA player for the Trail Blazers, lead the NBA in stealers in the 73-74 season

John Whelan Jr. - professor of philosophy at Lycoming College

Lasse Aberg - Swedish actor

J.D. Hall - voice actor for the Blade animated series, played in many other series and movies as well

Lloyd Allen - former MLB player for the Angels, Rangers, and White Sox

Chris Mulkey - actor and musician, has played in Cloverfield, Boardwalk Empire, etc.

Calvin Murphy - former NBA player for the Rockets, shortest NBA player inducted into the Hall of Fame

Christopher Crawford - video game designer who worked for Atari and developed the game Eastern Front among many others

Carol Shaw - one of the first female video game designer who worked for Atari and developed the game River Raid among many others

George Szirtes - British author and world renown poet

Anthony Higgins - actor in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Taste the Blod of Dracula, Voyage of the Damned, etc.

Tim Schafer - video game designer, well known for developing Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, etc.

There is no inherent meaning to life, outside of what you believe it to be. But you might as well be nice to other people, just in case. - Tim Schafer

Sid Meier - video game designer who created Civilization among many other games

David Gedge - English musician, founder of the band The Wedding Present

Yutte Stensgaard - Danish actress most well known for the movie Lust for a Vampire

Larry Eugene Andersen - former MLB picture for the Indians, Mariners, Phillies, Astros, Red Sox, and Padres

Jim Driscoll - former MLB player for the Athletics and Rangers

Lou Marini - American saxophonist for the Blues Brothers

Dennis Leonard - MLB player for the Royals. Only pitcher in Royals histroy to have three 20-win seasons

Danielle Egnew - singer, songwriter, composer, psychic and actress, well known for being the producer of the rock band Pope Jane and hosting

Hope you enjoy. Happy new year!

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