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August 2018 - A Month In Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

August is that last flicker of fun and heat before everything fades and dies. The final moments of fun before the freeze. In the winter, everything changes. - Rasmenia Massoud

If you missed our updates from the last month, please check them out below.

Blog Posts

Singulariy - Movie Review Timespace - Movie Review Interwoven - Movie Review

News Articles

What I Learned From My Near-Death Experience

This 23-Year-Old Student From Lahore Has Dedicated His Life To Eradicating Thalassemia From Pakistan

'We are all just dangling by a thread': What Iowa cancer doctor Richard Deming learned from nearly dying

Regina Rosen (1939 – 2018): “Ask not ‘Am I happy?’ but rather ‘Is my life meaningful?’”

TV Comes to TIFF: Julia Roberts-Starring ‘Homecoming’ and More Set for World Premiere

If we made life in a lab, would we understand it differently?

Classic Royko: Gas station wise men and the meaning of life

WATCH: Scottish university honours Struggle hero Goldberg, 85

This month's randomly selected survey winner was from Nepal. Below is the response to the question "What is the meaning of life?"

The meaning of life is to experience it as it unfolds. Throughout life one goes through various ups and downs. All those variations make our life beautiful and provide a variety of experiences. To put it simply, Life is a collection of experiences. So, worry less, help more. Live your life with peace and let others to live.

For the month of September, we are continuing the $100 Amazon gift card option for those within the USA with the additional option available for everyone (including those not in the USA), a frame art picture as shown below.

To be considered for the contest, please complete the survey here.

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