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Spin Magazine - April 1994 - The Dalai Lama On The Meaning of Life

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Spin is a magazine publication that started in 1985 which heavily focuses its content on music and more particularly on rock, grunge, etc.

Spin Magazine - April 1994 - Meaning of Life magazine - The Dalai Lama on the meaning of life

In the April 1994 edition, the magazine interviewed the Dalai Lama and asked the question, "What is the meaning of life?" The Dalai Lama responded:

The Dalai Lama on the meaning of life

If we ask, 'Why have we come, why this human being, why has this planet happened?'—this is too complicated. Forget about it. It's not much use to analyze these things. Of course, each different religious tradition has some different explanation according to different positive philosophies or traditions. I believe the purpose of our life is happiness. This is my basis. We don't know why this life happens, this is too mysterious. But on the obvious level, I know that my life must be a happy life. If there is no more happiness, then I might lose my hope; then automatically, my life is shortened. In the worse case, I commit suicide. So therefore, life is based on hope. Hope means something good. For these reasons, we can see the purpose of our life is happiness.

In the article, the Dalai Lama is asked a number of other questions, e.g., Why do we have evil?, How great is the power of prayer, and how limited?, Do you think man is inherently good, and succumbs to evil, or man is balanced between good and evil equally?, etc.

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