Monster Farm - The Meaning of Life

Updated: Jul 9

Monster Farm was an animated TV series that came out in 1998. It is about a guy named Jack Haylee, who inherits a farm of monsters from his uncle. Oddly, although the series is geared towards children, it attempts to address some profoundly philosophical questions, e.g., the meaning of life. So as one can imagine, it never went over well in the United States where shows like Beavis and Butt-Head, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters reigned supreme. Unfortunately, most of the series can only be found online in Russian. Nevertheless, we found one online with English subtitles.

In this 8 minute episode, Dr. Wholly, who I believe is a sheep, or maybe a goat has a dream about meeting God. So naturally, Dr. Wholly asks God the only question she can think of—What is the meaning of life? God responds, bored by the unoriginality of the question, tells Dr. Wholly that it is right under her nose. She then wakes up in a room full of her friends but sees on TV someone yodeling. Thus, she determines that this is the meaning of life.

Much to her friends' ire, she takes up the art of yodeling and is quite terrible. No, extremely terrible. That is, at least until her friends help her out and hire a professional to train her. Dr. Wholly becomes rather talented and even gets a show booked. Her friends come to see her, and she tells them that due to her fame, she can no longer associate with them. Dr. Wholly even turns away her teacher.

Dr. Wholly's first performance comes and is disastrous. Broken, she returns home and admits to her friends that yodeling is not the meaning of life. To this, they respond, so what is it, friends, family? Dr. Wholly counters, no, and pulls out a set of bagpipes.

Clearly the moral here is friends and family are the answer and we should not forget them no matter where we are in life.

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