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Mid-Life Crisis Helpline! Game Review

If we live long enough, most of us will eventually face a mid-life crisis to some degree. Even if you don't, mid-life certainly brings a number of challenges—from joints that creak and crack, to money problems (student debt, credit cards, children, car payments, rising gas prices, and all the other things we as consumers need to survive like peep flavored soda and Beyond Meat Cat Food), and even to eating a Carolina reaper spiced quadruple decker burger and having to down a tub of tums around midnight or so. But not to worry, Mid-Life Crisis Helpline is, well, here to help you through you through your darkest times. Your life sucks, but we'll find ya a solution! It may include sex and sin, but it'll be for the best.

The game is designed for 3-6 adult players and is relatively simple to pick up quickly. The set includes 50 problem (blue) cards and 200 (yellow) solution cards.

Each player takes a turn drawing a problem card, while the other players act as counselors crafting solutions using the yellow cards. The counselors have one minute to craft a sentence addressing the mid-life crisis.

The twist, however, is that the caller rolls a die and the counselors have to give advise as if he or she were that person. The people include, a psychic, shrink, parent, friend, kid, or priest. Whoever comes up with the the best solution wins the round, and the first player to collect five cards wins the game.

Overall, the game is actually quite a bit of fun. So that the game doesn't get old, you can create your own problem cards and add new solutions. Or if you're old enough and your memory isn't what it used to be, no need to create your own expansion pack. Again, the game is for adults as the solutions can (and should) include sex, drugs, alcohol, and everything else good in life. After all, how else would you go about solving a mid-life crisis? Find purpose, answer the meaning of life? Nah, nothing a bottle of whiskey can't solve; which brings us to the last point. The game is best played with alcohol where those that lose the round have to down a shot or two. Preferably two. Enjoy!

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