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Celebrities Answer the Question: What is the Meaning of Life?

To date, over 400 celebrities have written to endev42 to answer the question "What is the meaning of life?". This is a complete list of those celebrities. The index can also be found here. Some provided elaborate answers, but most gave zen-like answers—just a few words in length. People will find here what they want to find; and hopefully individuals will realize they aren’t alone in trying to find answers to life’s biggest question. The answers were kept verbatim and we did our best not to change those answers even if there were grammatical errors. Learn more about this project on the FAQ page.

Ron Galella - The Meaning of Life


Billy Bengston

Bruno Bozzetto

Duane Michals

Freeman Patterson

Janet Fish

Lynn Johnston

Paul Badura-Skoda

Ron Galella

Ronald Hynd

Sam Gross

Tom Bunk

Tom Marioni

William T. Wiley


Albert Somit

Alice Nora Howes

Bohis Pahor

Bonnie F. Brown

Carl Cooper

Clareice Bennett

Cora Priscilla Marr McNutt-Reems

Danielle Darrieux

Donald Salls

Edward J. Palkot

Ethel Starbuck

Evelyn Brown

Frances Wessells

Georg von Tiesenhausen

Gerry Donahue

Giuseppe Ottaviani

Harvey Ladd

Jacque Fresco

James Stilwell

James W. Downing

John James Cantor

John Kundla

Karl Otto Götz

Lilly M. Ryan

Lucille Shazier

Mae Irving

Marian Hughes Bahr

Mildred Lesch Moodie

Nellie Revae Gray

Nini Theilade

Paddy Bassett

Samuel Lombardo

Zita Rydzinski


Alfred Brendel

April Stevens

Barbara Dane

Barry McGuire

Bent Fabric

Bob Colbert

Bobby Bradford

Christa Ludwig

Dion D. Dimucci

John Beckwith

John Mayall

John Sebastian

Karin Krog

Kris Kristofferson

Lee Adams

Mary Costa

Ragnar Ulfung

Randy Newman

Vic Flick


Alan M Winner

Annie Sprinkle

Charles A. Horner

Dick Rutan

Doyle Brunson

Eva Mozes Kor

Farah Pahlavi

Frances Crowe

Francis Arinze

Frank L. Farrar

George William Whitehurst

Henry Sandon

Hiroshi H. Miyamura

Hunter "Patch" Adams

James Randi

Joe Kittinger

Lowell P. Weicker Jr.

Martin Biddle

Mary Ann Moorman

Paul Volcker

Robert R. Ingram

Thelma Mothershed-Wair

Vernon L. Smith

Walter Joseph Marm Jr.

Wavy Gravy (Hugh Nanton Romney)

Wesley L. Fox


Alan Rothwell

Alan Williams

Albert Hall

Alex Cord

Anne Vernon

Barbara Leigh-Hunt

Barbara Rütting

Barry Bostwick

Bernard Toublanc-Michel

Bibi Johns

Bob Barker

Bradley Bolke

Brandon Maggart

Brigitte Bardot

Britt Leach

Bruce M Fischer

Buck Taylor

Caroline Blakiston

Charles Dierkop

Charles Kay

Colleen Townsend

David Hamilton

David Whorf

Dawn Wells

Delena Kidd

Derek Fowlds

Diane Ladd

Dolly Read-Martin

Dolores Hart

Don Murray

Ed Asner

Edd Byrnes

Edgar Lansbury

Edward Paskey

Elizabeth Hanna

Elliot Silverstein

Ernst Jacobi

Eugene Dynarski

Evamaria Bath

Gabriel Woolf

Gary Conway

Gavin Macleod

Genevieve Page

George Maharis

Georgina Spelvin

Gerald Hiken

Ghita Nørby

Hampton Fancher

Harry Dean Stanton

Henry Woolf

Jack Angel