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The Late Life Crisis - Comic Book Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The Late Life Crisis by Florence Cestac totaling over 50 pages in length is the third comic book of a series which also includes The Midlife Crisis or "Moving to Pastures New" and The Post-Midlife Crisis. The story revolves around a woman about to turn 60 who discovers two lumps in her breasts, the anxiety that ensues, and drastic choices she has to make thereafter.

Not knowing if the lumps are cancerous, she reflects of her life which has become repetitive, a marriage that has become miserable, and concocts a plan on what she will after the diagnosis. After completely changing her life by dissolving her marriage, selling her house, and retiring; she once again begins to live life starting anew. Albeit, at times it comes at a significant loss to those around her; such as her ex-husband. In the end, she gives somewhat decent advise on how to overcome those late-life crises that hit us hard. Those recommendations include (not verbatim):

1) Stay active before we lose our health

2) Not to become smelly

3) Exercise our brain

4) Give everything away

5) Be optimistic

6) Do the butterfly

Like the other two books in the series, you aren't going to find any life-changing revelations here. Overall, this third and final piece of the series is pretty mediocre. Slightly worse than the first book, somewhat better than the second. As such, we rate it a 5 out of 10 and encourage those who read this to follow the book's advise: Do the butterfly for as long as we possibly can!

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