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True Detective - The Western Book of the Dead

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

In the TV series True Detective, season 2, episode 1 - The Western Book of the Dead; the meaning of life is briefly touched upon. Detective Ani Bezzerides dad, Eliot Bezzerides, is given a lecture at a spiritual retreat and he states the following:

I was told something a long time ago. Let me share it with you. When you see only with God's eyes, you see only the truth. And you recognize a meaningless universe. Ginsberg said this to me once. And it was a gift. So today's exercise is to recognize the world as meaningless and to understand that God did not create a meaningless world. Hold both thoughts as irrefutable and equal, because this is how we must live now in the final age of man.

True Detective Meaning of Life

The statement is rather interesting as it states the universe is meaningless, but in our little corner, or rather microcosm of the universe, there is meaning. A meaningful world created by God. So what do you think? Can the we have meaning in a meaningless universe? Can the world be both meaningless and meaningful simultaneously?

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