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Meaning of Life by Sam Ashurov and Mike Klubeck - Short Film Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Meaning of Life is a short film by Sam Ashurov and Mike Klubeck which was released in 2015. The film is just under 20 minutes long and opens with the following quote:

"Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning." - Joseph Campbell

The main character Luke, played by Sam Ashurov, has just graduated from high school. However, unlike his friends, he isn't ready to celebrate or party. Instead, the exact opposite happens and he slips into existential crisis mode. That is, he is unsure what he wants to do in the future and who he wants to become. All of which is quite natural for individuals graduating from high school. It is a scary transition for most of us.

After Luke comes up short for answers he visits his former teacher named Mr. Desmond and asks him for help. Luke tells him, "I don't know who I am, where I want to go, or who I even want to be." Mr. Desmond gives him the following advise launching into a pretty epic monologue about the meaning of life.

Mr. Desmond: Well, you're not alone there Luke. So many kids face the trauma of an unforeseeable future.

Luke: In class you once said the world is a jigsaw puzzle. I want each piece that plays a part in creating it. Well, lately I feel like I don't fit in the puzzle at all.

Mr. Desmond: I understand where you're coming from. You want to be something else other than what society intends for you. You just don't know what that is. There are countless futures, roads, and opportunities out there. People who live here tell you, you can be whatever you want to be. But that's not true. You can't be whatever you want to be just by standing still like you do. You just have to be willing to go out of your comfort zone. If you can't find yourself here, then look out there. It will be a challenge, but that's the point. You can't fully understand yourself until you've overcome adversity. There will be many times when you will want to quit because happiness looks so out of reach. But just because you lack happiness doesn't mean it's unachievable. Many often wonder what the meaning of life is. Now, the meaning of life itself will most likely never be discovered. But, our individual meanings are out there waiting to be found. We all have a meaning, a reason we are born, a destiny we must fulfill. Some are introduced to us the day we are born, but most are not easy to find. You may think we know, but then we realize our perception of life is not the correct one. Some get lost, and some are born lost. You're not a fool or an idiot for not knowing your path. One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe even years from now; you'll understand your purpose and why you were born, and when that day comes, you'll know it. The feeling will be unlike anything you've ever felt before. You just have to find your meaning of life.

Overall, Mr. Desmond's monologue is what makes the film. The writers and directors appear to have been around the age of 18 at the time. So naturally, don't expect Hollywood acting. Nevertheless, it is worth the watch just for the monologue at the end, which provides great insight into the struggle many of us have gone through either when graduating from high school or at some other juncture in life.

The film can be found on Youtube or watched below.

If you saw the film, what did you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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