KikOriki - The Meaning of Life

In the Russian TV series KikOriki, the 100th episode titled "The Meaning of Life" attempts to tackle the big question. Fluff wakes up one day to an existential crisis... thinking, "There are times when things begin to lose their meaning. The meaning of a window for example, is to be looked through. And sometimes you look through it, and there is nothing to see there." He then begins to question the meaning of everything... washing your face, being active, being healthy, life, etc.

Another character, Big Beak happens to see him laying out in the snow not caring whether he will get sick or not. So he intervenes and together they set out on a journey to find "insight." Big Beak explains that insight is something that gives you meaning. However, it becomes clear that Big Beak has no desire for it, or to find the meaning of life. Rather he states his life already has enough meaning without it. Naturally, throughout the journey, Fluff gains insight into the nature of things: evilness (which apparently comes from people seeing the same thing differently), meaning, and more.

In the end, Fluff never finds the meaning of life. However, he is satisfied with finding meaning in other things... "for now", which seams to be the point of the episode. With that said, you can watch the full episode online below. It is just under seven minutes in length and well worth the time.

If you watched the episode, what did you think?