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Golden Girls - Sick and Tired: Part 2

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In season 5 episode 2 of the TV show The Golden Girls, Blanche is sick and writes a novel to be published. It doesn't get published. Disappointed, she starts questioning and stating that she just wanted to be special.

As a result, the conversation below takes place.

Blanche: All I ever wanted was to be special. I thought this would do it. I thought I'd publish a novel and I'd be special. Of course, I've always been special because of my looks, but they won't last forever. I have to be realistic, another 20 or 30 years. My face and body might start to go and then I'll have nothing to make me special.

Rose: That's not what makes a person special, Blanche. You're special because you're a kind, decent, loving individual with a wonderful heart and a beauty that comes from your soul. Blanche: That's that Minnesota crap again about the meaning of life. Rose: Well, Blanche, what else is there besides love and kindness?

Blanche: How about fame and fortune?

Rose: That doesn't bring happiness. Blanche: Like hell it doesn't. Rose: You know, I'm getting sick of you knocking Minnesota. Maybe we're not as sophisticated as Miami, maybe we don't have French boutiques and valet parking and face-lifts for Christmas vacation, but we have friends and family and a sense of community and caring, and that's pretty special.

What this episode captures is something that all people go through in life. We often do not stop to question what makes us special, what gives us purpose, or what gives us meaning until we fail. But even after failure, life goes on and people keep living. With that said, what do you think? Do friends, family, and community make us special? Would you give up family and friends for fame and fortune?

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