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Growing Pains - Maggie Seaver's The Meaning Of Life

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In season 6 episode 18 of the TV show Growing Pains titled "Maggie Seaver's The Meaning Of Life," Maggie has a breakdown after her father's death.

As a result, James attempts to surprise his wife by taking her to Hawaii for a vacation after her father's death. While sitting on the beach with James, Maggie becomes upset and comes to the conclusion that she never listened to her father while he was here and felt that he didn't much matter. She concludes that everything is pointless and that her kids will one day end up doing the same--concluding that she never meant anything to them. James being optimistic counters with several examples of how family has influenced both of them in innumerable ways, and how they have influenced their children in just as many. Thus completing the cycle of life and giving it meaning.

Countless generations of people have come and gone. Do you know your great grand parents? How about the generations before them, and did they have any impact on your life?

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