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June 2017 - A Month in Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Here we are yet again, concluding another month at endev42. Due to life events, this month not as many blog posts were created--but there is a lot of great stuff coming in July. With that said, if you haven't already, check out June's blog posts below.

Roseanne - Meaning of Life

Everybody Loves Raymond - Meaning of Life

In addition to our blog posts, we also shared a number of interesting articles on Facebook. Check them out below.

Visions From The Wilderness: A Conversation With Houston Rapper Javon Johnson

20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit

The Flintstones Comic Is A Darkly Funny Story About The Perils Of Late Stage Capitalism

The purpose of life is to be a nobody

Self-knowledge, self-identity: Basis of living purpose-filled life

The Four Immortality Stories We Tell Ourselves

Dare To Dream Big: Your Goals Should Feel Scary

Vatican pro-life academy head continues defending pro-abortion member in new interview

A.I. Inspirational Poster Generator Suffers Existential Breakdown

In regards to the June contest, the winner was from Canada. Below is the randomly selected winning answer in response to the question "What is the meaning of life?"

"To fully know one's self and one's connection to all things."

For the month of July, we are continuing the $100 Amazon gift card option for those within the USA, with the additional option available for everyone (including those not in the USA), a Bonnie Mohr 20x24 Framed Art Picture.

With that said, hope you enjoyed the site. Make sure to subscribe, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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