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Roseanne - Meaning of Life

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In season 9, episode 4 - Honor Thy Mother of the TV show Roseanne, Dan begins to contemplate the meaning of life as a result of being depressed over his mother's psychiatric condition. In typical sitcom fashion, the show addresses the big question with a mixture of comedy and also seriousness.

(Above: Dan contemplates the meaning of life while staring at a pretzel)

At a local bar, Dan has the following conversation with Leon.

Dan: Hey Leon, you're a guy who thinks sometimes. You think there's a reason we are all here? Leon: Well, I'm here because I ran out of gas. And when the tow-truck gets here, I'll have my reason to leave. Dan: No seriously. I'm talking big picture stuff here. Ahh... forget it. Leon: No, no no no no. I'm just not use to sharing my feelings in a place where the restrooms are labeled pointers and sitters. Hmm, my opinion... Yes, I think there's a reason we are all here. Dan: Really? Leon: Yeah, that's right. Cynical old Leon still thinks people here all serve a purpose here on this big spinning ball of dirt. Hey, I have to believe that. Otherwise its just too hard to get up in the morning and face the horrors of the hetro world. Dan: Well, I guess that makes some kind of weird sense. The hard part is figuring out what we are put here to do. Leon: Well, I think you've done your part Dan. You married Roseanne. And saved some other poor soul hell on Earth.

Later in the episode while moping around the refrigerator (one of the best places for deep thinking), Dan asks Roseanne and Jackie.

Dan: Have you guys ever wondered why we all exist? Roseanne: Well I think because we are here to ah... evolve into the people we were destined to ah... turn into. Dan: Yeah, that's what the guy at the gas station said.

Overall, Honor Thy Mother was a pretty good episode of Roseanne that examined what its like to have it all materially, but to still feel depressed emotionally. So, what do you think? If we served no purpose, would it be too hard to get up in the morning? Or would you still go on enjoying life for what it was?

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