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Stargate SG1 - Meaning of Life

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In season 1, episode 10 - The Torment of Tantalus, the Stargate team heads to a planet which contains ancient knowledge. What they find is an archaic language, which is depicted by matter (atoms) that they believe contains ancient knowledge of the human race... and everything else in existence. Dr. Daniel Jackson notes that it could take a lifetime to understand it all. Ernest Littlefield who was stranded on the planet for a lifetime trying to understand replies "and more." The team running out of time, as the structure in which the knowledge is contained is collapsing into the sea, has no choice but to abandon it. But not before Daniel protests, noting that it could contain "the meaning of life stuff." It takes Ernest Littlefield to convince Daniel that although that may be true, the knowledge is useless if they cannot share it with anyone else.

Other than the reference to the meaning of life, the show did not include much more of substance on the topic in this episode. "The meaning of life stuff" is also mentioned in season 2, episode 15 - The Fifth Race.

With that said, perhaps in the Stargate Universe, things are more simple. Perhaps the meaning of life according to the TV series is simply ascension.

What did we miss? Is the meaning of life mentioned elsewhere in the Stargate movies or TV series?

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