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Legion - Chapter 6

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The popular marvel television show, Legion, dives into the question "What is the meaning of life?" in "episode" - Chapter 6. For those who are not familiar with the FX series, check out the trailer below.

In Chapter 6, Lenny (aka The Shadow King) has a conversation with David Haller (aka Legion, the main character).

Lenny: Tell me what is the point of all this love? All the striving, the friendships. I mean, what is point of babies?

David: You mean life?

Lenny: Yes, life. What is the point of life? All of you running around trying to what? Be happy? Fulfilled?

David: Well, you tell me.

Lenny: I'll say this. There is only one being in the vast multiplicity of space that matters. God. And do you know why God matters? Power. That is the point of what you call life. The only point. Power.

Quite naturally, this is a dark take on the subject from the villain. But what do you think? Is life about power? Do you agree with The Shadow King?

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