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January 2017 - A Month In Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

It has been an amazing month. In January 2017 the was launched. Responses from around the world poured in, from over 20 different countries. Answers came from the young and the old, from clergy to "ninjas." Overall, it was fascinating to wake up each morning to read new and unique answers. endev42 compiled a word cloud built from the responses.

In February 2017, we added a new prize. Individuals can now choose from either a $100 Amazon gift card (US citizens only) or a signed Douglas Adams - So Long and Thanks for the Fish book! More updates from endev42 are coming soon, so stay tuned and spread the word for others to take the survey! The next prize will be awarded on March 1st.

Update: The January 2017 $100 gift card was awarded on February 1st.

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