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Mary Ann Caws

Date of Birth: September 10th, 1933

Date Submitted: February 6, 2019

Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian

What is the meaning of life?

How strange, to be asked “the meaning of life” directly under a slot of designating your religion: must or might this signify that some particular meaning is related to your other (or same) belief?  Whence cometh this query, we might well ask, before attaching any importance to it.

In any case, my own particular no unusual answer is that we are so damned lucky to have it, that is, that we had better jolly well make the most of any minute we seem to—or do—have access to.

So I very much enjoy the things I have and love, would love to unclutter my various spaces so that life would be clearer, and I very very much enjoy my friends and their availability and warmth.

And I suspect that, wherever this comes from this nondescript descript answer is what is expected.

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