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Joy Kogawa

Date of Birth: June 6, 1935

Date Submitted: October 1, 2018

Religious Affiliation: Christian

What is the meaning of life?

Here I am at eighty-three running full throttle down the track falpping my arms--thinking I’m a bird or a plane reading for take-off.  All this activity, and the meaning of my life is based on something simple.  The one word for me is trust.  I trust.  I trust in the ultimate triumph of the Good.

Trust.  Trust is my one word.  And there is another word that accompanies it--a freeing word.  Always.



Trust Always.

And it is freedom.

These days in the ongoing as I walk and run, as the petals fall and the seed grows, I recognize that the name of the track is forgiveness.  I intend forgiveness, truth and forgiveness, while knowing it is beyond me.  But as I run I trust that the intent to forgive is enough and forgiveness is being done by that in which I trust.  It is being done for me.  All I have to do is focus on that which is doing the forgiving.  

I’m with Dag Hammarskjold who said, “For all that has been, thanks.  For all that will be, yes.”

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