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Georgie Anne Geyer

Date of Birth: April 2, 1935

Date Submitted: February 17, 2018

Religious Affiliation: Protestant Christian

What is the meaning of life?

There is no way we can absolutely know the meaning of — but on the other hand, we must seek to know it with all our hearts and souls. So the meaning of life becomes struggle — and the struggle to know becomes the elusive meaning.

In that struggle, we must first know the knowledge that others have uncovered or discovered, so that we have something to build upon. Then we embrace or believe what seems or is complicit with our heart and spirit. Once we feel that we have truly taken in that new knowledge and absorbed it into ourselves — for me it was and is Protestant Christianity —then we must move to try to understand the other great religions and philosophies and theories.

But all of this struggle will still never bring you to the meaning of life; and for me, that is loving your neighbor, giving truly and wholly of yourself to build a finer civilization through the best use of your talents and at the same time, realizing that, in the end and despite all of this, you will never know.

Strangely enough, I realize now that that is OK. I have met the struggle and engaged [her/him] valiantly and that is all the meaning of life there is.

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