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Charles Juliet

Date of Birth: September 30, 1934

Date Submitted: October 25, 2017

Religious Affiliation: Raised up in the Christian religion. Fervent reader of the Bible and mystics

What is the meaning of life?

(translated from French)

  • All my life, I have had only one activity: writing.

  • Born in 1934

  • I published about thirty books: collection of poems; “Rencontres avec Bram Van Velde”; “Rencontres avec Samuel Beckett”; essais sur la peinture (Cézanne, Giacometti); two tales: “l’Année de l’éveil” (which later became a movie), “Lambeaux” (book studied in high school and college); a DIAIRY in nine volumes, the last one, “Gratitude”, just came out (a book of more than 400 pages)…

  • I am currently working on elaborating the tenth and the last volume of this diary.

  • Goncourt reward of poetry in 2013.

  • Short notes have been written about me in the Larousse dictionary

  • Appointed Commander in the Order of the Arts and Letters

  • The French Academy awarded its “Great Literature Award for my works as a whole.” to me in the year 2017

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