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Frank J Thomas

Date of Birth: June 11, 1929

Date Submitted: April 19, 2017

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

What is the meaning of life?

Please note, since the letter was handwritten, not all the words could be transcribed. An original image of the letter can be found here. If anyone can figure out the missing words, please email us at

Life to me is a gift of my creator who gave me the talent to play the great game of baseball. Also gave me the gift to be kind to everyone which at this time has been ____ on the soul of ours.

My accomplishments have been on the baseball field. I played in the Major Leagues from 1951 to 1966. I have records like 1 of maybe 8 or 9 players to have hit 6 homeruns in 3 consecutive games. Made baseball history ____ with the Milwaukee Brewers when we as a team hit 4 homeruns in succession in one inning by 4 different players. Eddie Mathers hit the first one off of Jim Maloney in Cincinnati in the 7th inning – Hand Aaron hit the 2nd one off of Jim Maloney. They brought Marshall Bridges to pitch to Joe Adcock who hit the 3rd one. I then Frank Thomas (The Original One) hit the 4th one off of Marshall Bridges. I personally don't think the record will ever be broken. It has been tried but I was the first to do it. I've played with 15 Hall of Fame players. I've hit 3 homeruns in one game. Am only one of 3 players who was hit twice in the same inning by batted balls. Played for some great managers. Casey Stengel– Danny Murtaugh– Fred Hutchinson– Bobby Bragan– Gene Mauch and others just to name a few.

I do ____ ___ _____ and other charity things to give back to ____ which God has given to me. I've had a good and interesting life. Marrid with my for 62 years before she away. ______ 8 children– 7 living and 1 deceased. _____ 12 grandchildren– 3 stepgrandchildren– 6 greatgrandchildren and a 7th on the way.

I hope this is what you want.


Frank Thomas

The Original One


P.S. I have 2 chort__ ______ I donate every to God hes been good to me and I thank him everday of my life he has given me.

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