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Del Harris

Date of Birth: June 18, 1937

Date Submitted: August 4, 2018

Religious Affiliation: Christian, Independent Bible Church, Gateway, Southlake, TX

What is the meaning of life?

Meaning of life-Basing my concept of truth on the Bible, it is clear that we were created to have a relationship with the Creator, the Triune God who is singular with three essences of Father/Son/Holy Spirit.   God first walked with humanity on Earth but upon the Fall of man in the Garden, that relationship was broken.

God's plan has been to open the way for that relationship to be re-established through faith,  and in the New Testament or Covenant the Son came  and through His blood sacrifice enabled the Grace that can be accessed through faith in the this historical fact-the life,  death and resurrection of the Son.   There is more historical evidence of Jesus'  activities than there is of many historical figures, a fact often denied by skeptics.

Through faith in God's work as Father,  Son and Holy Spirit that relationship is renewed and is extended into eternity as is explained in Revelation in the presentation of the New Heaven and New Earth, where God will walk once again and for all time with His creation.   That is the story of the Bible and it is told throughout.

Thus, the object of man is to live in such a way as to glorify God the Father and the Son through whom and for whom all was created through a personal connection empowered by the Holy Spirit that works within a believer.

In fact, we are living in prophetic times in this generation as is evidenced by many circumstances in the world, none the least of which by any means is the re-establishment  of Jerusalem as the capital oflsrael after the 70tb anniversary  of the return of the Jews to their original homeland as was prophesied.   This had to happen before the final End Times along with just very few other items still yet to be completed.   It is a good time for people to pay attention to such passages as Matt.  chapters 24 and 28, 1   Thess.  4 and Rev.19:19 and 22:3  along with  several  others from       


- Daniel, Joel, Amos and Zechariah.


We believe this to be an absolute truth.  The only changes throughout history are man's opinions and reactions.  But such a life is evidenced by loving God and by loving one another.   It is this latter part that one finds to be the most difficult to do.   It is one thing to talk in philosophic, scientific, religious or other esoteric terminology.  But minus the love evidence in serving others and giving to their needs, the rest is most likely meaningless.

Best wishes in your endeavors and in your quest for meaning.

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