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Vivien Heilbron

What is the meaning of life?

Religious Affiliation: Jewish-Secular

Date Submitted: February 15, 2024

Date of Birth: May 13, 1944

I don’t think there is only one “meaning of life.” People’s circumstances are so wildly varied that it isn’t a case of “one size fits all.” At the moment, the world needs a kindness, generosity and a re-set of priorities to enable more people to have better lives.

We seem to be going backwards in some ways. Here in Britain, things that we took for granted have been allowed to deteriorate in the name of “austerity.” Shame on those who allow vulnerable families to lose hope and health because of “austerity” as a guiding principle. Kindness and care are human virtues. No one can be a good citizen who leaves their fellow citizens to suffer deprivation and to lose hope. No one can call themselves a “Christian” and ignore Jesus’ teaching. Shame on them. Lighten our darkness! Go well.

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