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Peter Snow

What is the meaning of life?

Religious Affiliation: Church of England…but not a serious believer

Date Submitted: July 23, 2018

Date of Birth: April 20, 1938

Meaning of life?  An extraordinary privilege mysteriously bestowed on us by the vagaries of nature.  There can be no rational explanation for our projection into this world for the short span of our lives.  I am not sure therefore that it has any meaning, but it’s a wonderful opportunity and it is a mistake to waste it.  If life itself has little meaning, I reckon what you do with it does.  Clearly humanity, human existence and consciousness, is a remarkable reality, and what each of our lives can contribute to it is of value.  However small that contribution is, it does have value and therefore meaning.  When I am dying I will want to look back and try and measure the contribution I have made—and I hope I shall feel it has been of some use.

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