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Karl Held

What is the meaning of life?

Religious Affiliation: None

Date Submitted: October 10, 2017

Date of Birth: September 19, 1931

The question “What is the meaning of life?” implies that life HAS a meaning, has a purpose.  I don’t know that it does.  In fact, the question is really superseded by the question “What is the meaning of purpose of the UNIVERSE?”, or, if you will, even further back, “Why is there a universe in the first place, as opposed to nothing?”  Life, ranging from the simpler microbes, slime molds, flatworms, fish, fowl, all the way up to mammals, etc. simply is.  Its own purpose, life, it seems, is to replicate and keep its own kind going.  This is what we learn by way of the scientific method, which, by the way, is unarguably the most reliable way we have of investigating what’s going on in the universe.  Does this drive to replicate have meaning?  I don’t know.

Now, if, by your question, you are asking me to explain the meaning of MY life and its purpose, that is another matter, indeed, a philosophical one.  But that is not the question you have posed. 

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