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Jack Angel

What is the meaning of life?

Religious Affiliation: No answer

Date Submitted: September 27, 2017

Date of Birth: October 24, 1930

This Earth is our home.  This is where we live and play and work and eventually it is where we will die.  It is part of the universe.  And our galaxy is the Milky Way.

And our sun is way off to the side out on the edge of our galaxy.  You can’t see our beautiful blue planet, because in the scheme of things it is way too small.  Dinky!  Insignificant!

Our plant is like a small grain of sand at the beach among all the other billions of grains of sand.

So what makes anything think that a person who once lived on this puny grain of sand could possibly be God?

Buddha?  Mohamed? Jesus of Nazareth? Allah? Zeus? Jupiter? God of what?  God of the planet?  God of the solar system?

Before there was anything, before the earth, the solar system, before the whole universe existed, there was a giant void.  Just imagine that there was nothing.

Well, the fact that we are all here indicates that there had to have been something; something that possessed at least three things.  There is a rule-of-three in the universe.  Those three things had to be powerful.  Like, energy, intelligence and the third thing, love: one of the most powerful things in the universe.

Let’s call this intelligent loving energy, for lack of a better word, God: the great God with no name.  So let’s call him “Manny”.  So the great God Manny told himself God stories for several millennia, until he got bored.  Then, he split himself in half and we’ll call the other half “Fanny”.

So Manny and Fanny told themselves more God stories for several more millennia until once again, they got bored.  They were intelligent enough to know that their energy had to keep regenerating itself or it would dissipate and they would die.  They need something to do:  But what?  There was nothing to do.  There was, I remind you, nothing.

“Why don’t we play a game,” Manny said?

“Okay, What kind of Game?”

“Well, first we need a game board: something to move around on”.  So Boom!  Or bang!  A big bang as the case was, and in that moment they created the universe:  The game board.  Then, Fanny said we need something to move around on the game board, so they created people and animals and birds and fish, and maybe Martians and Venusians and other extra terrestrials and made them all look different so they’d know who was doing what to whom, and who was winning and who was losing in the game.  So they breathed life into all the entities.

“But if all these things are always us, we’ll know how the game is going to turn out because we created it and we know everything, and we’ll get bored again.”

“OK, so we’ll create safeguards in the game so we will think the games are real.  We’ll create ‘good and bad’, ‘right and wrong’ and words like ‘should and ought’.  It’s like this.  Face me and point to straight ahead.  Okay, who’s right?”

“We’re both right because we’re coming from different directions”.

“In reality, yes.  But in the game of right and wrong, only one can be right: so there’s a game within the game.  Can you imagine just how confusing things can get if everyone wants to be right and they don’t know it’s all just a game?”

“Right!  Am I right?”  They created laughter in that moment.  “And let’s fix it so almost everybody goes through life as if their heads are on backwards.  They can see were they’ve been but they can’t see where it is they’re going.”

“Oh that’s good!”  They just created fun.

“Okay, here’s one.  Since everything is just a bunch of atoms swirling around making things look solid, they’ll think that’s what’s real.  Things that have substance are real when the only thing really real is experience.”

“Yes, like seeing a rainbow.  The sight of a rainbow has no substance, but I can’t tell you a rainbow and have you know a rainbow, you have to experience it for yourself to know it.”

“Right!  It’s the same with tasting something.  I can’t tell you the taste of coffee and have you know it, you must experience it for yourself to make it real for you.  And the taste of something has no substance.”

“Here’s one.  Orgasm!”

“Oh, what’s an orgasm?”

“Don’t try to be funny.  I can’t tell you an orgasm, or show you a picture of someone having an orgasm in order for you to know what its like; you have to experience it for yourself.  And once you do, you’ll always know it.  And again orgasm has no substance.  So the things that look real and have form and substance are just illusions and the things that are experiences are the ones that are real.  Good show!”

So to answer the question what is the meaning of (life)?  It’s all a game.  Games were created to avoid boredom and have fun.  So… if you’re bored and not having fun, you are DOING IT WRONG.

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