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Evamaria Bath

What is the meaning of life?

Religious Affiliation: No answer

Date Submitted: February 28, 2018

Date of Birth: April 12, 1929

(translated from German)

How does Kisch say: “Write this down – Kisch!!” What’s remaining? I believe in the written word. Let’s take the many photographs a person takes in his life, the memories from them decay over the years. Who was it, where was it, how was it? And then you find a note or a letter about it, and it’s all there again. So, write it down, and write it down right away, because if you let time pass, reality will already have changed, maybe even for the better.

On Saturday, April 12th 1975, I was faced with celebrating my 46th birthday. At this age, what does a birthday even mean. You start calculating. 14 years until retirement, maybe 30 years to live. But how. You‘re already having a bad patch. Suddenly, you’re being confronted with growing older. You feel how you aren’t needed that much anymore. Delusion? Certainly, because what you do, you’re doing the same as always, you just don’t get the chance to that often. You begin deteriorating, and that’s wrong, just wrong. Put yourself in the center, your own center, don’t deteriorate, plan, realize your plans, fully, as always. Your environment sees you the way you present yourself. And now let’s begin, just as Otto Euter says:

Morbid or right, the human comes and the human lives and the human passes. How many times did Christian, my son, ask me lately: Why does one even live. I always have to think of Gorki’s Nachtasyl: What do humans even live for?

“All, my boy, all, as they are, live for the better will! That’s why you have to respect every human.. we can’t know what’s inside him, what he was born for and what he can do… Maybe he’s born to our luck, to great benefits? Especially, one has to respect the children… the little children. The children need freedom.. let the children be themselves… respect the children!”

Berlin, 28th of February 2018

Still correct for me today!

All the best!


What Gorki had his Satin (Nachtasyl) say, isn’t a correct response. When I ask myself, what do you even live for, all I can say is that one lives to do something, for yourself but also for the others, and it’s common knowledge that the others are a mirror of your own doing. Having respect paid to you, doesn’t have to be the right valuation of your doing. How many do something big or wonderful, and nobody notices it, or just many years later. There’s no way to rely on it. Do what you have to do. I’m halting again, what if somebody has to do something bad? Let’s leave this topic and continue thinking about it.

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