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Samuel Lombardo

Date of Birth: July 12, 1919

Date Submitted: August 3, 2017

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

What is the meaning of life?

My quote and belief.

It’s not what you do for yourself in life but what you do for others that counts.

We are put on this Earth to do well and to leave this Earth better than we found it. I also believe that money above your needs doesn’t teach you much about life.

I believe that first you must be the best citizen that you can be. Be loyal to the country that you live in and be able to defend it. We defend our country in order to retain the type of country we have.

If we have more than we need, we shouldn’t look and research for people or organizations who do good for others and donate to charities, with all you have in access to your needs.

When I give talks to schools and elsewhere, I tell the young students, when they are finished with a project and have time left over, don’t just sit and wait, look around and help others who need help.

In life we must be the best human that we can be and contribute to our society in every way we can, whether is charity or physical help. At the end you should say you wish you had done something good. If you had done it, and feel that you will leave this earth better than you faced it.

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