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Marian Hughes Bahr

Date of Birth: May 20, 2020

Date Submitted: August 21, 2020

Religious Affiliation: Bible Believing Christian

What is the meaning of life?

Where you spend eternity is the most important choice you will ever make.

To tell people what Christ & God are like.

To know your life has value because God made you & you have specific purpose.

People often need more love not taking offense by/from others reacting to violence.

Education about socialism, communism, & how & what it does to society-> destruction. Youth have no idea of the blood shed for our freedoms, for their freedom to protest. Educate today’s youth about WWII—what our national stands for—& lost many lives. Do not let it go.

Its not a game to meet together & protest for something that will lose our blood bought freedom.

WWII—I was there at Pearl Harbor with USO. I visited soldiers wounded, alone & scared, some facing eternal life.

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