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Lynn Johnston

Date of Birth: May 28, 1947

Date of Submission: June 6, 2017

Religious Affiliation: Humanitarian

What is the meaning of life?

Life is a university.  We are here to learn about ourselves—who & what we are.  We are given a series of circumstances and a series of unforeseen, unexpected trials.  We are given the gift of choice: between good and evil, between generosity and greed, forgiveness and hate, knowledge and ignorance—the choices are endless.  We are graduate when we die and we judge ourselves.  What did I learn?  Did I use my gifts well?  Will I be remembered with affection?  Did I try to make a difference for good or evil?  Personally, I want to graduate knowing that I used my life and my gifts well, that I became a better person through trial and error and that, in the end, I get to do it all again.  If so… I’m going to play the piano.

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